The tie-breaker helped a great deal in deciding the winners.

There were 2 categories of winners. In first, 3 people fought for the 1st three positions while in the  second category 6 people fought for the last two positions. Ironically, the people in the 2nd category fared better than those in the 1st category.

Going by the tie-breaker results, the winner amongst the first category is Fenil (6/10) which makes him the Winner of The Moviemaniax Contest.

Mystiquedew (4/10) is the first-runner up and Rakesh (3/10) is the second-runner up.

Out of the 6 people competing in the second category, two of them (Vikas and AlphabetWorld) surrendered.  Amit did not participate.

From the rest, Bhargav got the maximum correct (9/10) (and that’s the highest amongst all in this tie-breaker). It’s unfortunate that in initial contest of guessing the winner, he fell short (else he would have been the clear winner). Perx with his 7/10 is the 5th winner. Overall, he stands at the 2nd position, lest he had guessed highly at the initial guessing contest.

Bhargav and Perx, guys comepeting for fourth and fifth positions did well better in this tie-breaker than the people fighting for first three positions.

Now coming to the prizes: 8)

Fenil (1st) will receive a DVD of an English Classic.

Mystiquedew (2nd) will get a DVD of a Hindi Classic.

Rakesh (3rd) will get the signed copy of “Happionaire’s Cash The Crash” by Yogesh Chabria.

Bhargav (4th) and Perx(5th) will receive “Invest The Happionaire Way” by Yogesh Chabria. Adding to it, Bhargav will receive a special prize from me for cracking 9 out of 10 questions. He deserves it.

A special mention to Sahaja for attempting it first and scoring 5/10, hard luck she fell in the 2nd category. Technically, Sahaja and Perx fared well so they too will receive a prize.

Congratulations to all winners. 😀

P.S. No one got the right answer for the 6th question. For 1st, Shankar Mahadevan got claim to fame with his song ‘Suno Gaur Se Duniya Waalon’ for the Original Dus, which was shelved. And as we are conducting Hindi Films awards, it is less said that we are looking for Hindi songs of his which gave him the fame. Breathless came much later.

Please email me your snail-mail address to vbharti [at] gmail [dot] com so that I can ship your prizes to you.

It was a pleasure conducting The MovieManiax Awards. See you all next year! Adios! 🙂


3 Responses to “The Winners”

  1. 1 Bhargav April 23, 2009 at 4:56 am

    This is fantabulous! Thanks so much for the quiz! It was truly brilliant taking part in it. Can’t wait for the next awards!

    Heartiest congratulations to all the other winners and to the organisers for the great job done 🙂

    Vee, I’m emailing you my add now.


  2. 2 fenilseta April 23, 2009 at 11:21 am

    Wow…cant believe I won! Thanks Vee for organizing the awards. And kudos to Bhargav for getting maximum correct. Hats off Bhargav!!

    Keep rocking everyone!


  3. 3 Sahaja April 23, 2009 at 10:24 pm

    Ohh wow…That was soo nice of you 🙂 Thanks for the special prize 🙂 ….and I you shud have made out by now, how excited i was by the whole of these awards 🙂
    made my day today 😀
    Yaay Yaay 😀
    Three cheers to Moviemaniax awards and all those who were behind its sucess 🙂

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